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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Learning Bazi - Paul Walker

I read a very interesting article about learning Bazi.
Quote” First off, the ‘confusion’ issue. It is very NORMAL to be confused after you have had your first exposure to BaZi. Typically this is an excited confusion as opposed to a depressed confusion. It’s an oh wow, so much information, oh wow…it’s like the dog that catches 50 different scents and doesn’t know which one to follow because they are all so interesting! So, confusion therefore is par for the course.
For those who have gone through a Mastery Academy BaZi module 1 - if you are confused, this is NORMAL. Keep on going. By Module 2, you won't know which way is the sky. But first there must be confusion for there to be clarity.
Secondly, the person in this question has discovered that thing called ‘Favourable and Unfavourable Elements’ and is now excited, thinking that there is some revolutionary piece of information in this revelation.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but knowing your Favourable and Unfavourable Elements is like knowing the first three alphabets of the entire series of alphabets. As such, the expectation that such information will somehow yield something exponentially revealing is a rather over-enthusiastic expectation.”

My own journey.

I grew up with Bazi. When I was born the Bazi Nun (The real BaziQueeen) in my home town wrote my Bazi along with the hundreds of babies born in Kuching.

Every year my mum would go back to the temple to get readings for the year. For the whole family. Growing up with the annual reading makes me believe that Bazi is really accurate. It is because of the person reading the chart. When she passed on, the sister took over and the readings became mediocre. When the sister passed on, the granddaughter took over and my mum has not been back since.
The original nun is good because she spends her time studying. She told my mum she spends every night studying using candle light. That is the sort of effort she made to study the art.
My first Bazi book was the one by Raymond Lo. I was so excited after reading the book that I started to read more. Mostly Chinese books which I can find. Then I started doing readings for myself and for other people. After a few years I gave up because the readings were all so wrong.
After a few years, I met a guy in my home town who was giving Bazi reading to people at night in a coffee shop. I went to the shop regularly to listen to what he has to say. I was quite impressed and got my interest back. He gave me a few books and one of them is by 胡一  which is quite good. Explaining about the use of 12 Qi phase to determine the strength of the Day Master.
During that time, I was also reading a lot of Joey Yap’s book which just came to the market.
After learning from him for a year, I study with another master who I thought is the best there ever is. The material is mind boggling. Very very detail and with lots and lots of in depth explaination. The reading became a little bit better but still a lot of inconsistency. (meaning still not accurate)
I remember when I felt really confident; a friend brought a person to my house to do Bazi reading. I was so far from accurate it is embarrassing.
Thinking of giving up this art again as a result. Wondering where can I find the answer to this mind boggling system of life reading.
Along came another master who told me to start from scratch. So it was another year of learning. After that I was told by my master, there are still many levels which I will not be taught. I will have to search on my own.
Recently I heard there is a Bazi reader in Kuala Lumpur who can read like a god. Thinking of investigating this god like person to continue the learning process.


Whenever I read case studies by others I will try to see if there is some consistency in the theory that they employ.
Especially with regards to deriving strength and flow.
There are just too many case studies where the authors just switched whenever it suits them. I don’t think those authors will be able to give readings for cases where they do not know the person at all.

Paul Walker.

Someone asked me to do Paul Walker’s chart. I searched the internet for a time of birth but I was not able to find one.
However there are 3 websites doing analysis of Paul’s bazi based on different time of birth.
The first one saying it is a weak metal. With Xin born in You month with a Si You Chou in the EB. The reading is then based on a weak Xin. The reason of death being the Xin being drained by water. I would seriously doubt this is correct.
The 2nd website tries to justify the chart as a weak metal by selecting a Jia Wu Hour Pillar.
The 3rd website says it is a strong metal. He attributes the death to clashes of the travelling star.

What is your view?
It is difficult for me to imagine this chart as a weak DM even in my wildest imagination. With 2 Xin in the HS and a You Chou Ban He born in You month.
If this is weak I would have to throw out everything I have learned and start all over again.
When analyzing the death of a person, the life palace was not even considered.

Bazi is not as simple as it looks. Many tried to make some sense of this art. But it requires more than a few days in class. It will take the whole life time to figure out.

Would appreciate if you can share your views on this topic.


Trey said...

Xin with complete Si You Chou is already 从革格, a DM of a metal dominant structure cannot be regarded as 'weak'.

BaziFengshui said...

Exactly. That is what i meant by being consistent when we apply a theory. We cant just flip it here and there as when we like. I have read many case studies which are not consistent at all.

Hope said...

I am so impressed with your commitment and search for Ba Zi true information. And I am honored to have found your site so I can follow along your journey with your research. I wish you much good luck in your process. I feel a similar commitment to Flying Stars. Everyone is practicing Period 8, and I have, too, (including period 7 prior), for about 15 years now. except one fact. However, according to a site called Gui Culture, the 20 year cycles are not a full 20 years, and they feel we are actually in Period 1. Currently I am looking at both periods when I do a consult, but I am so eager to uncover the actual information for the modern day placement of the flying stars.

Anonymous said...


It is certainly good to have a theory and be able to apply it consistently.

But this is metaphysics, in fact there is no actual 'theory', there are only concepts which describe 'the way', of the relation between heaven, man and earth.

LaoZi said: 人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然

自然 or naturally implies 千變萬化
a concept of changing. And the very concept of changing is unchanged.3148

Yijing: 易一名而含三義,所謂易也,變易也,不易也


Trey said...

Dear relic,

But Bazi principles or concepts have to be applied consistently, and like Beng said, should not be flip-flopped just because it does not suit the practitioner's point of view. Otherwise the entire system would be a sham.



Agnes said...

Dear Beng, I like the way you posed the problem, because it should be an important issue to all Bazi readers. But achieving accuracy is extremely difficult and really needs a whole life learning. What happens to all men born on 12.09.73? Where were they on 30.11.13? Particularly in this case, he is not a wek DM. I would be more concerned about his lp - guei hai, because I have read that clashes within lp and 4p are unfavourable and would have searched which year is the peak. According to Annie's book "when the horse star (hai-si)is in a clash, the energy is very strong and leads to changes in life". But as Annie would say in the classroom "but is not completely sufficient to happen (death as is the case)because it depends on the innerself of the individual and other factors" and I like this way of thinking, but it restrains the accuracy. Is our life span 1+1=2?
So it leaves the tendency, risks and karma...And Beng maybe in your family gens there something more than good Bazi chart readers, maybe some medium abilities which are waiting their hour to appear and it is not the time for you yet?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the issue is readers are not looking for the right thing?

Have too many Bazi readers possibly been hoodwinked into looking at the wrong thing and getting frustated over something that they don't even need to be looking over?

Are you too focused on looking for their death, and not what was related to their death? That may narrow down the issue a bit more.

Was it those supposed "avoidable" ones? Or did he die from something that was unavoidable such as old age?

Meddling Monk

Anonymous said...

Is Roger Rodas a factor in this tragedy? There was a report suggesting that he was the driver.

The initial coroner report suggests that he was still alive after the impact and the cause of dead was from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries. His friend however, died on initial impact.

There was also a quote by Paul Walker, "If one day the speed kills me, do not worry because I was smiling"

This is called, yi yu cheng chen 一語成讖 or simply a speech that became an omen(misfortune).


Minta said...

Hi, using Bazi Calculator, birth time is 5:59am. Strong metal (77%). Using Body and Life pillar are present 10 year luck cycle and year pillar. Sign of potential passing. Longevity Star combing Si, Chou, You, increase in metal, sign of passing, you-Xu, pierce, but also BingXu heaven earth combine XinMao. Also applying rule that 2nd half of the 10year cycle 2013, would make Si Qi stronger. Of course my observations are simple as I am inexperienced with Bazi, but these rules at least make sense for this chart.

Jrgeorge said...

Bing gui ren ding
Chen si zi mao

My dm is weak or strong?
Why ji you lp was bad?
Wu shen will be good?