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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Year of the Horse Prediction – Part 2.

The 12 Rabbits at the starting gate.

I am a rabbit.
What sort of advice should I give my fellow human born in the year of the Rabbit regarding their luck in the Year of the Horse.

First of all I would like to advise that this is not to be taken seriously.

This is not about Bazi.

Maybe some kind of New Animal Astrology but it is not Bazi which is about 4 Pillars and 8 characters.

Question: How did we all perform jumping out of the gate?



Are we referring to 12 different rabbits or a rabbit with 11 clones?
Answer: Pretty badly.
You mean all of them or one or two or are we talking about percentages again?
I have 12 rabbit classmates who chit chat in whatsapp keeping each other entertained as well as informing each other what’s going on in their lives.
They are now all over the world, some in USA, KL, Penang, Singapore, Brunei and Canada.

Do we all have the same luck every year based on the Animal?

No, we don’t. It is so different it is like Heaven and Earth.

For the Year of the Snake.

There is a Mr Ong Rabbit who has been travelling around the world for the whole year. He just informed us that the Simple Mind concert that he attended yesterday was really fantastic. His wife died of cancer three years ago. When I saw him when his wife had cancer he was very different from what he is now.
His wife is also a rabbit also one of our classmates.

 @Simple Minds concert, those guys can still bring the house down esp with their big all time hits 'Don't you forget'.
Big games day today, have to get to White Hart Lane by noon for our big game, watch out for me, will be sitting 3 rows down near the pitch near the half way line facing the camera haha, close enough to swear at the players, then after the game got to rush back to the Chelscum- Soton game at Stamfordbridge 2 hours later, should be another good game. Will send Rooney your regards haha.

There is a Mr Benny Rabbit who was promoted to one of the top post in our country’s most prominent company, Petronas.  8 years ago when I was doing really well, he was suffering in Sudan and asked me if there is any position for him to apply for a job.
There is a Mr James Rabbit who owns a very established company doing Industrial Building Product. Aluminum formwork system. He had to sell his company because it is no longer the preferred system when others started using precast concrete instead of Aluminum.
There is a Mr Norman Rabbit. Who is a vice president of an International company and has been doing very well for a long time.
There is a Mr Reman Rabbit who only managed to keep a job with very low pay for over ten years.
There is a Mr Vincent Rabbit who has no permanent job. Who goes around collecting scrap metal from construction sites. Things that we throw away.
There is Mr Chiang who has a bad motorbike accident but is very well off financially.
There is a Mr Ben Rabbit who just divorced his wife and is doing very badly financially.
There is a Mr Me Rabbit who has a really hard time with one of the construction project.

What am I going to tell them about their luck for the Wood Horse 2014?

That they didn’t get off to a good start?
Mr Ong and Mr Benny would seriously laugh at me.
That they got off to a really good start?
Mr Vincent and Mr Ben would seriously laugh at me.
That they will have fun?
Common, Mr Vincent and Mr Ben would say. Mr Ong and Mr James would think I am super accurate like god.

There will be opportunities.

Wow this is serious man, to Mr Vincent and Mr Ben.
To Mr Ong and Mr Benny, “What opportunities? We don’t need one. We already have it”

Question: How will they perform jumping out of the gate in the year of the Wood Horse?

Answer: One will come first, one will come second, one will come third and one will come last. It will all be different.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Zhang Zhu - The Inner Chapters Part 2


The Inner Chapters No 2


Arteries and Branches.

Arteries are the source of the topography; the bones are the source of mountains.
Winding like a snake from East to West or from South to North.
·       Comment: The topography of the land forms mountain ranges. (Many and varied) The mountain itself is defined by the bone structure. (Singular) It can go in all directions and not fixed.

Thousands of feet are considered as contours; hundreds of feet are considered as features.
·       Comment: Whatever is far away is considered as general contour of the land which provides the power for the Qi and should be considered differently from whatever is closer which is considered as features/shape.
From the contours coming from afar ending in nearby features; this is considered as the complete Qi.
The place for burial is where the Qi is complete. The Xue position where the Qi has stop and accumulates.
·       Comment: To analyze the Qi fully, it is important to understand fully the distant topography to the near features where the Qi terminate. The best place for burial is where the full Qi terminate and accumulate.

Winding, twisting and turning back, further turning around to the original self.
As if crouching and waiting, waiting to seize or grasp something.
Comment: Describing the movement of the dragon which is the mountain ranges. In reality mountain ranges behaves in such a manner as described above. It is often quite difficult to ascertain whether it is moving or turning around or waiting to move again. 
Moving forward and then retreating, when it stops it goes deep.
Arriving and gathering, accumulating where it stops, clashing the Yang and Yin.
Comment: The Qi gathers and build up as it flows. Where it stops the Qi will then accumulate. Mixing the Yang Qi and the Yin Qi. The Yang being moving Qi and the Yin being still/not moving Qi.  When it stop the Yang Qi becomes Yin Qi and is blended together.
With high mountain and deep water, where the vegetation is thick and dense.
It is considered noble (nobility with a thousand chariot) and fortunate (riches with ten thousand gold).


Classics: Qi is stored at the Xue feature, transforming to produces all living beings, it is considered as Superior land.
Comment: Where the contour stop at the Xue point. It is where the Qi accumulate and is transformed into Living Beings.

平支, 乘气

Flatland and Branches, Riding Qi.


The noble land is level ground, the noble earth has branches.
Comment: The 2 categories of land for Feng Shui. One which is the Flatland Dragon and the Highland Dragon. Both of them can be good or bad. It is not a matter of saying only the highland has good Feng Shui.

支之所起,氣隨而始。支之所終,氣隨以鍾 (气随而终)

The rise of the branches is the starting point of the Qi.
The end of the branches is the stopping point of the Qi.


The method of observing the branches, partly hidden and partly distinct.
The auspiciousness lies within the subtle methodology of Xuan.
Comment: Through observation and applying the theory of Feng Shui, it is possible to detect the quality of the Qi even though it is partly hidden and not easy to detect.
Where there are auspicious Qi in the ground, the land will rises accordingly.
Where there is accumulated Qi in the branches, the water will follows accordingly.
Where the topography rises and fall with moving feature, returning to the beginning. Burial carried out in such a place will attract eternal good fortune without any misfortune.


Mountain Topography.
Mountain: There are dangerous mountains when we carry out burial.
Comment: There are good and bad places for burial in the mountains.


The Qi riding the In-Coming dragon. To examine the deficient Qi, select the acceptable ones, avoid the harmful ones.  
Comment: Basic Feng Shui methodology. To examine the land to determine the Qi. Whether it is deficient and unusable or prosperous which is acceptable or harmful which should be avoided. Whether it is good or bad is determined by the In-Coming Qi which came from the topography of the land.
In this way the gentlemen grabbed the magical power from the gods to change the destiny.
Comment: A Feng Shui master who understand how to tap the Qi can change the fortune of people and is described here as having the power of the god.
Fortune and misfortune does not revolve based on the days.
Classic: The method for mountain burial is comparable to shouting in the valley where the echo is immediate.
·       Comment: When burial is done correctly, the effect is very fast.


5 Types of mountains unsuitable for burial.
The five types of mountains which are unsuitable for burial.
Qi accumulates where there is Sheng Qi. “Child Mountain” which is bare and lifeless is unsuitable for burial.
·       Comment: “Child Mountain” means mountain which is still young and has no vegetation and is devoid of life.
·       Mountain devoid of life is unsuitable for burial. Sheng Qi and life are connected. When a mountain is rocky and devoid of any life, it also represent a place having very little Sheng Qi.
Qi is derived from the shape/feature of the land flowing according to the countour. “Broken Mountain” which is cut/broken is unsuitable for burial.
·       Comment: The meaning of cut/broken is where the Sheng Qi has been removed. Example part of a mountain where the vegetation has been totally removed by nature (soil erosion) or due to action by man.(Mining)


Qi travel through the earth. ‘Stone Mountain” which is rocky is unsuitable for burial.
·       Comment: When the ground is too rocky, the Qi will not be able to flow freely.
Qi stop or accumulate where the contour comes to an end. “Running Mountain” is not suitable for burial.
·       Comment: “Running Mountain” is where the Qi has not stopped and accumulate in a Xue and is still flowing.
Qi originates from the dragon (Mountains), “Lonely Mountain” is not suitable for burial.
·       Comment: A standalone mountain will not have the powerful Qi described in the earlier phrase where the Qi is like surging waves and galloping horses which came from the mountain ranges.
經曰:童,  , , , , 生新凶而消已福。
Classic: Child, Broken, Stone, Running, Broken Mountains will reduce new misfortune and reduced the acquired fortune.
·       Comment: Those who are buried in the 5 danger mountains will not only experience bad luck but their own acquired good luck will be reduced.


Superior Mountains.



The superior mountain, through a series of ascending and descending, originally from the heaven. Like surging waves, or galloping horses.
·       Comment: This phrase is about the movement of the Qi from the original mountains ranges through a serious of ups and downs like a roller coaster. The power of the Qi flow is like the surging waves and the power of galloping horses.


In-Coming in a rush, when stopped it is like a corpse.
·       Comment: The Qi flowing down from the superior mountain in a fast mode due to the contour, but when it stopped, it will stop totally. The Qi will all accumulate in that spot. That spot is the “Xue”.



Similar to a person resting peacefully holding a treasure;
Or someone who has collected enough merits but still pure and humble.


Like a bulging bag, or a storing container which is full.


Like dragon soaring or phoenix circling.


Birds submitting (concede), the beast crouching in submission, to the King with ten thousands chariots.
Comment: The few phrases describing the power of the Xue point.


New heavenly lights shining brightly. The rivers all returning to the sea.
·       Comment: In-Coming dragon coming into the Ming Tang (Bright Hall) with renewed prosperous energy. Out-Going water going towards the sea where the water mouth is located.


Embraced and protected by the Dragon and Tiger, Host receiving and Guest welcoming.
·       Comment: The Xue spot being protected by the dragon on one side and the tiger on the other side. The dragon In-Coming to the Xue spot (Ming Tang) and Out-Going to the Water mouth representing the Host and Guest relationship.


The four Directions are correct and proper, without the 5 dangers.
With only one such non-conformation, it will be considered as lower category.
·       Comment: The 5 dangers include “Child Mountain”, “Broken Mountain”, “Stone Mountain”, “Running Mountain” and “Lonely Mountain”.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Year of the Horse prediction.

I always felt it is wrong to use the year Tai Sui to do yearly destiny prediction based on the year of birth.
This is the time of year when lots of books and web sites will be doing such analysis/predicitons. I have also being asked through my email to do a few of such predictions. In fact a few of my personal friends have also asked me to do the same.

Wrong to do analysis based on the year of birth.

I would stress again that it is wrong to do such analysis based on the year of birth of the person. It is not possible to be an accurate analysis. 
How is it possible that every one born in certain years have the same luck for the year? It is as simple as looking at your friends or old classmates who are born the same year? Every single one of them would have different luck for the year.

What can the Year Tai Sui be used then?

Without a proper 4 Pillars analysis, what can the Year Tai Sui be used then?

The 10 Year Luck Pillar.

The Year Tai Sui can be checked against the 10 Year Luck Pillar for external matters. What is external matters? It is matters which affects people surrounding you. For example: Superior, authorities, workplace, workers, colleagues, etc. Basically other people besides yourself which affects you.

Comparing two pillars – LP and AP.

Example 1.







In this case there is a Yin Wu Ban He in the Earthly Branch of the Luck Pillar and Yearly Pillar. The Ren in the HS is also supportive of the Jia in the Yearly Pillar.
This is a very auspicious sign for the year. But what is so auspicious about the year? External matters such as the work environment, the Boss getting new projects, submissions to authorities for approval, when making business deals with others, when presenting proposals to client or similar matters will be very smooth for that year. It is not necessary an auspicious year. Whether it is an auspicious year, the four Pillars must be analyzed.

Nayin Analysis.

4.        甲午  乙未  砂中金
          Jia Wu, Yi Wei
          Metal found in Sand
2.        壬寅  癸卯  金泊金
          Ren Yin, Gui Mao
          Gold Foil
Metal for Ren Yin - Gold Foil.
 ‘Metal in the sand’, ‘Metal in the sea’, ‘White Wax gold’ are not beneficial, can be considered as auspicious only if fire is available, without fire is inauspicious.
Even though the metal Nayin is not usable it is not harmful. But with fire Nayin in the natal chart, it can be very usable.

Example 2.







In this case there is a clash between the Zi Wu in the Earthly Branch between the Luck Pillar and the Yearly Pillar. In contrast to example 1, everything external will be difficult. Even if Jia Wu Yearly Pillar is an auspicious Pillar for the overall chart.
The problem is worst with the clash between the Geng and Jia.
This will be a difficult Year for the Day Master.
Ten God analysis.
There is a In-Direct Resource eating the Eating God in this case which is very inauspicious based on Ten Gods relationship.

Nayin Analysis.

4.        甲午  乙未  砂中金
          Jia Wu, Yi Wei
          Metal found in Sand
1.        庚子  辛丑  壁上土
          Geng Zi, Xin Chou
          Earth on the Wall
Metal for Geng Zi - Earth on the Wall.
Among metal only like to see Metal Foil (Ren Yin, Gui Mao), if there is wood in natal chart then it will be noble, it is like a palace room full of gold and splendor, only suitable for the use of the imperial court. Sword Edge Metal will cause harm and injury, while other metal cannot be used.
Even though the metal Nayin is not usable it is not harmful. But with wood Nayin in the natal chart, it can be very usable.
Luckily for this chart, the Nayin is not in a clash configuration which will make matters worse.

Example 3.







Even though this looks similar to Example 2, it is worse off than Example 2 due to the direction of the clash. With the Metal clashing into the Wood and the Water clashing into the Fire.

The meaning of LP and AP.

The LP can be viewed as the Emperor of the chart for the ten years and the AP can be viewed as the Prime Minister in-charge of the Year.


Wu - Zi

If there is a clash, the relationship between the two is very bad and nothing can be achieved for the year. Example to pass a Bill in government where the Minister in-charge did not have the support of the Emperor and is not able to get things moving.


Wu – Wei

Wu – Yin – Xu

Wu – Si - Wei

If there is a combination, the country is at peace and everything gets approved easily. The type of combination can be further analyzed. Liu He (Six Combination) in my opinion is the best combination for such a scenario. It is like the Emperor and the Minister in-charge are actually lovers. It is the easiest way to get things approved. For Ban He, it is good but maybe the approval is not as fast or as straight forward.


Wu - Wu

Punishment is a very tricky matter. Even Master Shen in ZPZQ has very little to say about this matter. It is very important to know how to analyze punishment using Qi phase and Gui Ren for it to be meaningful. Nayin relationship is also very important to analyze punishment.


Wu - Chou

Harm represents a relationship which is very painful. It is a situation where it is not possible to extricate oneself even if there is a lot of problems. It is like a situation where we are in the same football team but we hate each other’s gut.
Very annoying. It is sometimes worse than clash. Wu Chou harm relationship is a one of the worst.

Example 4.







Even though there is a Wu and Chou Harm relationship, the Wu Xu Ban He would remove/reduce the Harm effect.


Wu - Mao

This represent a disruption in inter-human behavior/relationship. It is not that serious but I would still treat it as not such a smooth year for external matters.

The Rest.

Chen, Si, Shen, You and Hai can be analyzed using basic 5 elements.
Hai being Yin Water would still be clashing the Wu fire.
Chen represents wet earth which can dampen the Wu Fire so it would depend if the Fire is favorable which needs support or is unfavorable which needs to be dampen. But it is important to note that Shen Zi Chen Water is the nemesis of Wu Fire. So it is very important to check the chart for Zi or Shen.
Shen and You are both metal which can also diminish the Fire. But if Fire is useful for the Metal, it can be a good thing. Similarly to Chen, Shen can activate Shen Zi Chen San He Water to counter the Wu fire. Need to verify with the natal chart.

My Personal Experience this year – Gui Si.

My Chart.






It has been a traumatic year for me. There are lots of Ups and Downs. It is still not over. The biggest issues I have this year is the clashes in the external matters.
There is a Si Hai clash between the LP and the AP but there is a Si Shen Liu He which I thought (has been) is a very auspicious combination for me.
I had lots of problems with my project early this year. Problem with my (joint-venture) partner, problem with the authority in-charge of the project, problems with the people running the project and also problems with the consultants of the project. Lots and lots of problem for external matters.
But the good thing is the Si Shen Liu He brought me a new partner which is a very good thing.

Nayin analysis.

6.        庚戌  辛亥  釵釧
          Geng Xu, Xin Hai
          Ornament Gold
3.        壬辰  癸巳  流水
          Ren Chen, Gui Si
          Water of a Big River
The Nayin Ornament Gold and Water of a Big River is actually a good combination. Luckily for me the Nayin is supportive.

What would be the analysis for next year – Jia Wu.







Hai and Wu is still a Water and Fire clash.

So after reading the post, what do you think is my luck next year regarding external matters?
So what is your luck next year for the year of the Horse?