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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heavenly Cycle Song

Heavenly Cycle Song by Jiang Da Hong.

Yin and Yang given to the 24 Mountains in a Xuan Kong Feixing (Flying Star).
With Later Heaven Bagua and Luoshu numbers.

From Heavenly Cycle Song by Jiang Da Hong.
论阳宅《天元歌 》.蒋大鸿

With the arrival of the TaiSui ShenSha,
神杀, spirit which is benevolent, killing sha which is nasty.)
Disaster and happiness switch on and off like a thunderbolt.
Comment: The importance of the TaiSui which changes and rotates the stars every year which affects the auspiciousness of a dwelling.
Followed by the next paragraphs which explains that it also affects every rooms in the house in the same way due to the rotating stars.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Metal Water Hurting Officer.

Metal Water Hurting Officer (shang guan) 金水傷官

What is shang guan (Hurting Officer) 傷官?

伤官是秀气发露之处, 带伤官的人俊男美女很多, 尤其是金水伤官和木火伤官格均为俊秀之貌.
Hurting officer is where delicate Qi exist, those have Hurting Officer normally good looking, and especially those with DM Metal, Hurting Officer Water or DM Wood, Hurting Officer Fire will have pretty appearance.

伤官性质为自私的, 利己的, 其目的在求生存, 其手段为合作, 因其是我生之神, 故主我发挥, 一己精力致身体渐衰弱.
Hurting Officer nature is selfish, self-regards (think of oneself), main purpose is to survive, method of doing things is to cooperate, it is DM gives birth to, hence it is DM output (performance), will weaken self. 

伤官较重为顽皮好动, 在正常课业以外, 尽量再让其学习一项或多项较为特殊的技能, 例如: 工艺, 音乐,绘画, 运动, 科技等, 将伤官本有的习性引导到正规的途径上, 以后才会有很大发展.
Hurting Officer is mischievous, naughty and likes to move around, in the school, good at learning multiple special skills such as: craft, music, painting, sports, sciences, lead Hurting Officer characteristics into good use, will become successful.

Hurting Officer in extreme.
为人多才多艺, 志气高, 好胜, 喜欢出风头, 是一为威武不屈,济弱救贫, 具有侠义之风的人.
The person gifted in many ways, have high aspiration and ambition, likes to win, likes to be in the limelight, does not like to be controlled, likes to help people, have strong sense of justice.

A Metal DM person with Hurting Officer that is Water is bright and intelligent.

Hurting officer with Direct wealth, seek fame and fortune, HO seek fame, likes to express or perform, direct wealth has the control ability, seek fortune, together seek fame and fortune, not satisfied, in business not satisfied is good but in other areas not satisfied is not good.

Hurting Officer seek new things, to show off.

What is metal water shang guan 金水傷官?

Metal DM outer personality.
Water Hurting Officer represents the inner person.

Geng Metal Personality.
Value principal, differentiate btw right and wrong.  Unyielding, not afraid of difficulties and will use force if necessary to achieve the outcome, straight talker, does not hide around the bush. As a result have the tendency to offend people. Sharp observation and has an acute perception.  Bold personality, seek influence and power.  Loves to fight.

Gui Water Personality.
Like the meandering nature of a small stream, therefore, easy to think too much, sometimes will behave very straight, but mistake will occur through behaving too smart.

Gui water, just like a mountain stream, thinking is clear,
But due to the meandering nature, have the tendency to have affairs in all direction.
With good endurance, will be able to succeed like droplets of water penetrating through rocks.

This phrase describes the inability of a Gui person in maintaining balance and equilibrium. Easy to lose equilibrium due to the flowing nature of water.

Tiger Wood.
30 December 1975 at 22:50 (= 10:50 PM )
Long Beach CA, USA, 33n46, 118w11
PST h8w (is standard time)


Geng DM born in Zi water month.
A typical Metal Water Hurting Officer.

What contributes to the scandal?

子卯 无礼之刑

Uncivilised Punishment.

Why Zi Mao is called Uncivilised Punishment.
Zi represents water, Mao represents wood, water can produce wood,
Zi water is the mother; Mao wood is the child, punishment between mother and child.

Zi uses Gui water (HHS), Wu earth is Gui husband and is defeated at Mao, so Zi punish Mao,
Mao uses Yi wood (HHS), Geng is Yi husband and is dead at Zi, so Mao punish Zi.

Wu ZiNayin - Lightning Fire 霹靂火.
Yi Mao – Nayin - Water of a Great Stream大溪水.
For Wu Zi Nayin meeting Yi Mao Nayin.
Meeting Water of a Great Stream, Yi Mao as transformation to thunder fire, seeing Ji Chou will be auspicious, but Wu Zi will become inauspicious.

What is actually the meaning of this punishment?
What is uncivilized?
Does it denote someone who goes about his way of life without giving much considerations to love ones?
Even though in the news and media, he is seen as a very very nice person.
Does it mean everyone with a Zi Mao is inconsiderate in such a manner?
I don’t think so.
There must be other indications.

Bazi - Personality.

Direct Wealth.

Direct Wealth as favorable/useful element, the DM is smart and honest/honorable.
Economical/frugal and not wasteful in carrying out things, protective and guard themselves.
Comment: Could be viewed as selfish, their self preservation comes first.
Cautious and timid in handling matters.
Do not have improper thoughts.
Value wealth/money.
Attach importance to everyday security/peacefulness.

Direct wealth as unfavorable element.
Tendency to be stingy.
Not courageous.
Live a stubborn, inflexible, tedious, suspicious way of life.
Very calculative.
Hold on steadfastly to principle.
Old fashion.
Not able to change and be adaptable.
Creating unnecessary headache/problem.
Let others feel straightforward and honest.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yang House Case Study No.1

ShenShi Xuan Kong

Yang House Case Study No.1 with Zhang Zhong Shan.
沈氏与章仲山 (阳宅秘断)

一、陶姓宅丑山未向 五运造

Tao residence – Sitting Chou Facing Wei – Period 5 chart.


In the facing, there is a broken house with water.
Door is located at Xun, in front there is a three intersecting water.
Water from Dui going towards Xun gathering in front of the door.


(章仲山)Zhang Zhong Shan
After staying in this house, auspicious for wealth, the timely star is located at the facing.
During period 6 and 7, the one who is ill will often see female ghost.
Due to the jagged looking house in front of the facing.
The facing with a ruin and jagged looking building.
Yang Qi shelter.
The color of the vital Qi dominate the disaster in the house.
Dark, cold represent Yin dead Qi.
Therefore when the timeliness of the Qi is over, 2nd being a Yin gua, 5 as 5 ghosts.
The reason why the one who is ill often seeing female ghost.


Period 5 Sitting Chou and Facing Wei represent prosperous mountain and prosperous facing, auspicious for both Health and Wealth.
This example is used to illustrate the following:
·       Li Qi must be activated by Luan Tao, otherwise it is not active.
·       Timeliness is the key to Xuan Kong Flying Star. A star can be auspicious during a certain period and can change as a result of time.
·       An understanding of the representation of the Gua is important for further analysis.
During period 5 having water at the facing flowing from Dui to Xun is auspcicious for wealth.
The door at Xun with untimely water star 3 is not the main factor. It is actually the facing which is most important.
Even with the broken house in front of the facing, it is stated that the house is auspicious for wealth.
With the arrival of period 6 and 7, the number 5 star is considered as a retreating and dead star.
From an auspicious star in period 5, it is now an inauspicious star.
Number 5 star also represent sickness.
The broken house in Luan Tao represent excessive Yin energy. Other examples of Yin energy ware given such as cold and dark.
The broken house is located in the direction of Kun which represents old female.
An overall image is then given as the one who is ill often seeing female ghost.
The one who is ill has 2 meaning.
·       This house due to the inauspicious Qi is not good for health for the occupants.
·       The bad Qi affects people who are ill (not in good luck cycle) more than people who are in good luck cycle.