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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Justin Bieber – Update 2014.

Year of the Horse.
Fire Yue De Gui Ren

I was not going to post any story this year.
But something caught my attention.

Justin getting into trouble with the law.
People saying he is finished.
I couldn't help myself.

Current LP. Wu Chen.

This year 2014 Jia Wu.


There are many who says he is finished because of the recent event where he was arrested on drunken driving, resisting arrest charges.

This is a Gui Si year where the Gui water causes lots of problem to the Bing Fire Yue De Gui Ren.
2012 Ren Chen year was also not an easy year.

But it will change in the year of the Horse.
His fan will be back to support him.
He will be back.
Stronger than he was before.

Fire Yue De Gui Ren

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bazi Calculator.

A really fantastic Bazi Calculator.

By Wojciech Jach.

The following are included:
DHHS for all the Pillars.
12 Qi phase based on DM and also for the Pillar.
Xing Nian – Small Luck Pillar.
Symbolic Stars – Shen Sha.