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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ten God -Direct Wealth

– Direct Wealth


心性 Temperament


Thrifty, cautious, rather honest, knows how its role, hardworking and persistent, prudent, not aggressive enough, and not bold to venture.


Priority given to safeguarding family life. In case of too much emphasis on money, might become tart and mean.

正财心性, 勤劳节俭, 踏实保守, 任劳任怨, 但易流于苟且, 缺乏进取, 反为懦弱无能.

Direct wealth temperament / mannerism, diligent and thrifty, practical and conservative, willingly undertake burden/task/office, hard working, but easy to tend to drift along, lack of progress, incompetence due to cowardly/weak nature.


性格 Personality


Direct wealth represents wife, money, talent, real estate, retirement, father’s aunt, and uncles. Also represents reputation, status, prestige, auspicious celebration of things etc.


Personality when Wealth is a favorable element: A man of justice, able to distinguish right from wrong, maintains clean record, honest, responsible. Polite enthusiasm, faithful to family, cherishes his wife.


Personality when Wealth is an unfavorable element: Gentle personality, thoughtful, cautious, sometimes timid. Strong sense of self-protection. Too selfish, hypocrisy and cunning, is not trustworthy. Does not love reading, indolent. Greedy, seeking peace and fun.


代表 Representation

人象:Human Representation:


For male represent the wife, matchmaker, businessmen, referees.

事象:Matter Representation:


Money, job, wages, treasure, asset, damage academic star, injure parents, emphasis on reality instead of fame.



Property, real estate, furniture, all functional items, all controlled by me, control/dominate, enjoyable things, matter; food, subordinates, wife (for men, the wife was bound by my mutual attraction, from a psychological point of view, a man taking his wife’s major purpose is to fulfill sexual satisfaction, thus Direct Wealth represent wife.)

十神闡微 -杨逸云

十神的含义 Implied Meaning


Psychological Implied Meaning



Emphasis on the concept of a sense of well-being and avoid unnecessary, sexual satisfaction, control of specific items or things of attachment (such as dedication of money), the reality, utilitarianism, all knowledge to the senses perceived mainly do not believe in mystery, metaphysic?.


Characterized as: “Under the control of my flesh, limitations, and having intimate relationship with me.”


Non Psychological Implied Meaning


Direct wealth being favorable, diligent and thrifty, conservative;

DW prosperous, wealth ke/control resource, despise studying.


For weak DM (male) with prosperous wealth, women holds authority in the house, four pillars with many wealth, losing money due to having many affairs.


Direct wealth concealed in EB, if it protrudes in the HS, can easily be robbed. (if rooted and prosperous, not easy to be robbed by Rob Wealth)


Direct wealth encountering punishment, clash, control/ke, kong wang, symbolizes bankruptcy, a life of hard labour, loses the wife, divorce;


Direct wealth in the day EB meeting Kong Wang, for male indicate late marriages, or 2 marriages (when KW is clashed it represent disaster)

Direct Wealth in tomb when clashed, represent obtaining wealth, example Geng meeting Yi Wei.

男命与正财:Male Life and Direct Wealth


For male DM with wealth as the store, signs of hidden wealth,


Weak DM with many wealth elements and with limited resources, the person is well educated, but represents a poor person.


DW on Muyu Peach Blossom, wife is amorous and lascivious, if further meeting Bi Jian-Rob Wealth in the chart or during Luck Period, easy for the wife to have affairs.


DW on Yima, wife is competent.


DW on death, tomb, Jue, wife likely to die from illness.


DW on Yang Ren, possibility of bankruptcy, disloyal wife leads to marital discord.


DW on Hua Gai, wife being smart.


DW on Tianyi GuiRen, wife is good-looking and intelligent.


DW combined with Day EB, husband and wife living in harmony (wealth in other EB combine into the Day EB).

日支合非正财之支, 为妻有外遇之象。

Day EB combine with other EB which is not wealth, the signs of wife having an affair.


DW in the natal chart with the appearance of EG, obtained support from the wife.


DW in the natal chart with the appearance of Rob Wealth, which is close together, whole life meeting people who cause the DM to lose money.


DW in the natal chart with prosperous Officer/7K in the four pillars, wife loathes the husband, husband afraid of the wife.


DW in the year pillar and prosperous, rich ancestors (Wealth birth Officer, prosperous wealth and officer in the year pillar, ancestors certainly rich).


DW in the month pillar, diligent and thrifty.


DW in the Day EB, private help from wife leads to wealth, additionally with Jiang Xing in the Day EB, wife’s family is wealthy.


DW in the Hour Pillar, future generation wealthy.


Four Pillars with many DW, regardless of favorable/unfavorable, sexually greedy and not good at study.


For male DW in the four pillars competing to combine with the Day Pillar, signs of many wives.

女命与正财:Female Life and Direct Health


For weak female DM with many prosperous wealth, amorous.

(Official inexhaustible, never ending usage).


For female with prosperous DW, grandmother and sisters in law in charge of family power, not close with the mother in law, a lowly and poor life.


用法 Usage


HO with DW; seek fame and fortune, greedy.

伤官不满足现状, 正财有控制欲. 在事业上不满足是好, 否则就不好。

HO never satisfied, DW has the ability to control the desire,

In business it is a good thing to never be satisfied; otherwise it is not a good thing.

七杀加正财, 有意志. 正财有控制欲, 讲实际, 七杀有成功欲, 没有虛浮感觉。

7K plus DW, is conscious. DW has the desire to control, place importance on reality, 7K has the desire to succeed, not an empty feeling.

比劫加正财, 正财非常讲究实际, 比劫有抢夺的心性.

身弱财旺, 好吃懒做. 身旺财弱, 见利忘义, 好色之徒。

Bi Jie plus DW, DW place importance on reality, Bi Jie has the intention to rob.

DM weak with prosperous Wealth, good for nothing, DM strong Wealth weak, sell one’s soul for gain, lecherous.

正财对所控制的事物高度重视, 故比较谨慎, 珍惜, 患得患失.

DW placed very high importance to the control of money, very cautious, treasure and hate to lose it.

表现在钱财方面是即使较多也不至于太大方, 在女人方面, 对妻较珍惜。

Regarding money even when there is a lot will not be generous, regarding women, care more about the wife.


对具体可控制的事物的执著, 如对钱物的执著。

Regarding things which can be controlled, example controlling money.


讲现实, 随潮流,一切以无官无觉为主.

Follow the tide realistically, everything is treated as without law and awareness.


Do not trust anyone.

为我所控制的事物, 如财物, 房地产。

Matter and things that I control, like wealth, properties.



Represent; wife, food, subordinate.


正财为喜用, 因正财弱而财少, 故勤俭节约, 易保守。

DW favorable, DW weak and few, diligent and thrifty, conservative.


正财旺, 财克印, 不喜读书. 是玩物丧志。

Prosperous DW, wealth ke/control resource, not good at study, attention to trivial matters.


身弱时财旺, 男命妻管严。

Weak DM with prosperous wealth, for male represent wife in control.


四柱财多, 女命为情破财. 因财生官。

Four pillars with many wealth, for female lose money due to love. Because Wealth birth officer.


正财虚浮怕劫, 而破财. 财有根不易被劫。

DW floating not good to meet Rob Wealth, represent losing money.

But if the wealth is rooted and prosperous it is not easy to be robbed.