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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The study of Feng Shui.

Are there any dragons involved?

Is it really about wind and water?


How do you know that the information that you have learned are correct?
Why is the study of Feng Shui such a secretive subject?

It is very easy to test the knowledge of Bazi or any astrology theories. Through case studies we would be able to tell ourselves if we really know what we are talking about. Even though there are many who would go around in circles to justify their own knowledge. One of the main reasons for that is the amount of time and money spend on the search for this illusive knowledge. The older and more establish they are, the worst they will be in accepting the real knowledge.

When dealing with Feng Shui, it is even worst. It is very difficult to test the workability. As a result, in my opinion there are really very few who knows what they are talking about. If we look at what is available in the market, what are the theories being taught; I wonder why would people still be looking for Feng Shui Masters to audit their houses or offices.

It is very interesting to note that it is actually written in the classics regarding this matter and why the real Feng Shui knowledge are not to be passed down to just any one.


Ching Nan Hsu.

Master Yang grows old observing Ci Xiong (female male). All the books in the world are all different.

24 mountains both going together, few present day master understand the meaning.
5 elements distributed in the 24, when in the past has this been written.
Comment: How many Feng Shui masters can actually explained the meaning of these phrases?
Without actually understanding and increasingly distort the truth, as a result the fortune/misfortune remains a random matter.


Ching Nan Ao Yu.

The 24 mountain is divided into 5 elements,
Understand when it is prosperous, dried up, dead and alive;
Comment: Again how many Masters can explain?
When the heaven and earth are upside down, it cannot be matched,
Comment: When everything is upside down (meaning not having a clue what FS is about), it will not be usable.
The secret lies within the Yuan Kong;
Comment: What is this secret and where can it be found?
Recognize the dragon to establish the Xue point must be clear,
Comment: What is the dragon? Is it a real dragon? The Xue can only be established after recognizing the dragon.