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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Greece Vs Czech. QMDJ.

12 June 2012 17.00

Bing Wu month.

Greece. Guest.

Heaven plate. Wu.
Earth plate. Gui.
Wu Gui heaven earth combination.
·        青龙华盖戊加癸,吉门招吉凶门悔。
·        Scholar green dragon. Auspiciousness depends on the door.
·        戊十癸 青龙华盖,得景门,名丙化龙升,门宫相生,诸事大吉。宜专一、互信。
Kun 2 palace. Earth.
Wei Shen EB.

天芮 (Tiān Ruì)

Earth element and also known as Mén Star (巨门), timely at SW Kun 2 Palace and a Yin Star.
It represents illness, issues, student, religious and Meta-physics.
Tian Rui ( ): earth element, Yin, has close connection with epidemic. So, sometimes we call it as a disease star. When Tian Rui stays in one palace, people should receive teachings or admonishment, make friends, stay in the original place, abstain from arm force deployment, no marriage, no quarrel, no travel far, no new construction, etc.
·        惊门:风吹草动,一夕数惊 小凶
·        Tian Rui with Jing Men. Sign of disturbance or trouble. A bit inauspicious.
Earth sitting in earth palace.

Monday, June 11, 2012

France vs England. QMDJ

11 June. 17.00 2012.

Bing Wu month.

France. Guest.

Heaven plate. Xin.
Earth plate. Yi
Xin Yi heaven earth combination.
·        白虎猖狂辛加乙,远行多灾人亡败,婚散因男起。
·        White Tiger furious. Family may be broken. People may die. If travelling, it may be a disaster. There may be injury in car or boat/ship. For job, due to blunder it may cause your job.
·        辛十乙 白虎猖狂,诸事不吉,所为不成。家破人亡,飞灾横祸,女防失贞,破财官司。
Kun 2 palace. Earth.
Kun 2 palace with Xin. Robbers managed to escape, difficult t be caught.
Xin metal in earth palace. Being supported.

天心 (Tiān Xīn)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Di Tian Sui Chapter 8 Earthly Branch.


Earthly Branch.


Yang Branches movement is strong, the arrival of disaster or good luck will be fast and prominent.


Yin Branches is still but focused, the result can last for the whole year.
Original text:
Zi, Yin, Chen, Wu, Shen, Xu, Yang Branches, natural to move, strong power, the speed is fast (growth), disaster or good luck arrive prominently;
Chou, Mao, Si, Wei, You, Hai, Yin Branches, natural to be still, the Qi is focused, the speed is slow (growth), it appears at the beginning of the year but the result will only manifest at the end of the year.

08 Holding Together (Union)

1 2 . 水地比Shui Di Pi   


Gua Image.
Above Kan below Kun.
Union, water in the ground to permeate, assisting and holding together, help from family, togetherness, happiness.
Image of sincerity and in agreement.
A clever lady.
For body, use the Gua to represent the illness.

17 Kan                  Ren     Zi         Gui      [Water]
21 Kun                  Wei     Kun     Shen   [Earth]

Ten God - Direct Resource



心性               Temperament

kindness, not after fame and wealth, care on self-reputation, spiritual or, religion believes, bit of naïve in thoughts & not down to earth.

psychologically depending

If emphasize too much on fame or too dependent, will fall into evil path like fraud or cheat, bribe & graft.

正印心性, 聪颖仁慈, 淡薄名利, 逆来顺受, 但易流于庸碌, 缺乏进取, 反为迟钝消极
Psychological character, intelligent & kind, not after fame , take & follow orders , not ambitious & lack of aggressiveness , become incompetent & passive.

No.48 The Well

1 4 . 水風井:Shui Fung Jing


Gua image:
Kan above Xun below.
The Well.
Wood person outgoing water. The image of water from the well, to understand clearly, unimpeded flow, ever ready nourishment, assuring.
To toil, stability, external hardship, will never shift position.
Objects in the water, seaweed, fond of the sea.
Kan represent losing, shedding of, broken, consumed, Xun represent improvement in situation, auspicious foe planning.
Associated with water disaster, rheumatism, gall bladder sickness, kidney disease.

17 Kan                  Ren     Zi      Gui      [Water]
42 Xun                  Chen   Xun     Si       [Wood]