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Friday, August 28, 2015

Bazi secrets. (Part 2)

Yong Shen, the useful god.


Bazi secrets. (Part 2)

Who do you believe?

What is actually the Yong Shen?
The question in every Bazi enthusiasts' mind.
Without having to turn around in circles. 

Master Shen’s method based on ZPZQ:

·        八字用神,
To locate the Yong Shen for Bazi.
·        专求月令,
Should focused on the Month Commander.
·        以日干配月令地支,
·        Determine from the DM matching the Month Earthly Branch.
Master Shen proposed a system to identify Yong Shen based on Chart Structure.
Comment: After testing this method for a few years, I don’t feel this is a solid method. There are many parts which does not tally. I was also told that to understand this method properly it is necessary to fully grasp the meaning of the Hetu but was not given the methodology.

The Modern Method:

·      Balancing the chart - 扶抑
The modern method of balancing the DM:
·       Support the DM when the DM is weak;
·       Diminish the DM when the DM is strong;
·       The opposite for Extreme Chart.
Comment: This is probably the worst and most unreliable. Anyone still using this method is only kidding themselves.

Method based on Nature.

Adjust the temperature - 调候
This is a very very important consideration in Bazi analysis.
It is like having a country with an Emperor and Prime Minister but the country is in draught. Even with a good Prime Minister it is still of no use. There is no food to feed the nation.
This is always the most important factor.
When this is the case, a new Prime Minister is required. Just for temperature correction. Even if it is not good for the Emperor.
Comment: This is still an important and valid consideration.

Method based on Shen Sha.

Shen Sha Yong Shen.
There are many people who says Shen Sha is rubbish.
Shen Sha Yong Shen is very important.
It is similar to the Temperature Yong Shen.
Even with a chart which is not establish there are many times when the DM is actually doing quite well just with the support of Good Shen Sha.
Similarly an established chart can be destabilized by an inauspicious Shen Sha.
Comment: In my opinion, this is still a very good method to have on top.

The Pure Five Elements method.

This is a method where the Yong Shen, Useful god can be easily located.
It is almost similar to how the “Blindman Method” can determine the Yong Shen so easily without having to refer to too many things or formula, without the involvement of 10 gods.
It is purely using 5 elements based on the Hetu.
It is clearly divided into Yong Shen for HS and Yong Shen for EB which are not the same.
It is how many charts can be clearly explained.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Bazi secrets. (Part 1)

Pure Five Elements. 正五行






Who do you believe?

Having studied Bazi with various masters over the years, using various methods, namely.
·       Conventional DM strength with elements balancing as the base.
·       Mangpai.
·       Master Shen method based on ZiPing ZhengQing.
·       Nayin method.
Was not able to read Bazi chart to any degree of accuracy.
Posted a lot of charts in Facebook to entice other Bazi practitioners to make comments.
There are a few good comments by a few but never consistently correct.
There are however lots of cases of what we called “Horse After Canon”.
Having nearly given up the study of Bazi for more than three times, was about to give it up again.
I was told that the Nayin method is the most accurate but there are no books or anyone willing to teach.
I also heard of a method called the “Pure Five Elements” 正五行 which is supposed to be out of circulation as well.
It is all about Yin Yang and the 5 elements.
Recently met a Master who showed me the method.
It is again first and foremost about the use of Yin Yang, similar to Feng Shui.
Yin Yang, the most talked about word and the least understood.
Everyone knows Yin Yang but how many knows the application.
It is indeed an eye opener.
I posted an article on “who to believe” when we have different methods as proposed by different schools.
There are some who says use everything.
I never agree with that after seeing how charts cannot be read using the proposed methods.

Examples of how different schools proposed the use of HS Combination.

The modern method.

The different HS combinations and transformation.
·       Jia + Ji to earth
·       Bing + Xin to water
·       Wu + Gui  to fire
·       Geng + Yi  to metal
·       Ren + Ding  to wood

The transformation is supposed to only happens under certain situation.
One of the conditions for transformation is support from the Month EB.
The Bing Xin have transformed to water and is now considered as water.
The new chart.

If the Month controls the transformation element, the transformation will not be successful.
The Bing Xin combination will not transform due to the Wu fire month.

Is this the correct way to read a chart?

ZPZQ method.

甲用丙食 与辛作合,
For Jia DM, Bing is the Eating God and is combined with Xin.
It is no longer considered as Eating God.
Both Bing Eating God and Xin Direct Officer have lost their 10 God’s association.

又如甲逢庚为煞 ,与乙作合,
For Jia DM, Geng is the 7Killing and is combined with Yi.
The 7K is no longer attacking the DM.
With the Yi Geng combination, both of them have lost their 10 god’s association.

The “Pure Five Elements” 正五行method on HS combination.

The above two methods are all a big misconception and the reasons why we can never read Bazi charts using those methods.