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Monday, January 28, 2013

Direct Resource Discussion

Direct Resource from San Ming Tung Hui.
Direct Resource, the real storehouse of the 5 elements, metal DM meeting Yi Chou (Gold in the Sea), Wood DM meeting Gui Wei (Wood of a Willow Tree), fire DM meeting Jia Xu (Fire of a Volcano), water earth DM meeting Ren Chen (Water form a Big River), Bing Chen (Earth of a Grave).
(Comment: the real Resource of the 5 element based on Nayin is using the same element as the HS.)
When looking at the strength of an element, our focus is mostly on the HS, EB and the month commander.
Very seldom we would check the Nayin for the strength or for other EB interaction where Nayin can play a big role.
Yi Hai “Fire from Volcano” meeting Ren Chen “Water from a Big River”, the water Nayin ke/control the fire Nayin. Normally we would treat Ren Chen as Resource which is supportive of the Yi wood.
Bing or Ding DM meeting Jia Xu which is "Fire from Volcano". The Jia is a resource for the fire DM but the Jia Xu is a fire Nayin which furthers support the fire DM. Considered as double support.
Geng Xu meeting Yi Chou "Gold in the Sea", the metal Nayin supporting the Geng metal DM, the Chou punishing the Xu is not ideal. It is like not having any support.
"Gold in the Sea" is the first phase of metal Nayin. It is still very weak and can only provide minimum support.

Jia Zi, Yi Chou........................Gold in the Sea
Yin Yang Qi still hidden. Only hear of the name cant see the shape yet. Like still in the womb of the mother.

When discussing Resource, with the 5 elements matching the Nayin similar elemental Qi, is the most wonderful.