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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid iconic forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

What makes this Bazi chart so special?

There are some who says it is because of  "
Meaning “a single noble star in the hour pillar”.
The Xin metal which is the Indirect Officer (7Killing) star is in the right location and is not mixed or disturbed by others.

There are many charts with such a configuration and yet they are not as successful. There must be something more to it than just the five elements and 10 gods analysis.


Shen Sha Analysis.
The Yin in the month EB is a Wang Shen.
Wang Shen is actually a Death Star.
Having a Death Star sounds pretty bad similar to the Robbery Star in my previous posts.
But it is not the case. When we look at a star, we must understand it is a representation of a characteristic of a person. It can be good and bad. It depends on the conditions which many neglect.

From San Ming Tung Hui.
16 categories of Wang Shen.
(Also called Talisman, also called 7K)
When favorable merciless and powerful,
plotting strategy, analytical like a god,
never exposing the intention, crafty military move,
competitive from the beginning, disputing matters verbally,
advancing during prime years, when in strong Qi phase mixing with nobleman and 7K.

Here it explained the characteristic of having a Wang Shen which is favorable.
It described Ronaldo’s capabilities as a footballer, very agile and super difficult to guard.

Hour Pillar Xin Si.
Si is a horse in Bazi called Yima.
The Xin metal above the Si horse is called a horse carrying a sword on its head.

Si Yima with Xin sitting on top.
Horse head carry sword.
Horse head carry sword, Geng/Xin on top of the Yima or with metal nayin, represent fame all the way to the frontier.

庚辰 辛巳
Geng Chen, Xin Si
White Wax Gold

Geng Chen, Xin Si.................White Wax Gold
Located at fire earth place, the Yin Yang Qi is nearly ready, Si Qi growing, metal still in grave, the shape is in the growth place, process by West colour (White),
That’s why it is called White Wax Gold.

Month Pillar Wu Yin.
The Yin is also a Yima horse although it is not his personal horse.
The Wu represent Wealth.
It is termed as a Horse carrying treasure.

Yin (not his personal Yima) with Direct Wealth sitting on top.
Horse head carrying heaven's wealth.
Galloping treasure, Jia Zi meeting Wu Yin, Horse head with heaven wealth;
Or the Nayin Ke the Yima as wealth, such as Eating God category, Jia Yin DM meeting Bing Shen, Jia Shen meeting Bing Yin, day and hour pillar.



Here we have a favorable and strong Wang Shen riding a horse in strong Qi phase carrying heaven's wealth.

The month pillar also correspond to 16 to 34 years old.

Nayin Table

纳音 Nayin

1.   甲子         乙丑         海中金

·       Jia Zi, Yi Chou
·       Gold in the Sea

2.   壬寅         癸卯         金泊金

·       Ren Yin, Gui Mao
·       Gold Foil

3.   庚辰         辛巳         白蠟金

·       Geng Chen, Xin Si
·       White Wax Gold

4.   甲午         乙未         砂中金

·       Jia Wu, Yi Wei
·       Metal found in Sand

5.   壬申         癸酉         劍鋒金

·       Ren Shen, Gui You
·       Sword edge Metal

6.   庚戌         辛亥         釵釧金

·       Geng Xu, Xin Hai
·       Ornament Gold

1.   戊子         己丑         霹靂火

·       Wu Zi, Ji Chou

2.   丙寅         丁卯         爐中火

·       Bing Yin, Ding Mao
·       Fire in the Furnace

3.   甲辰         乙已         覆燈火

·       Jia Chen, Yi Si
·       Fire from the Lamp

4.   戊午         己未         天上火

·       Wu Wu, Ji Wei
·       Heavenly Fire

5.   丙申         丁酉         山下火

·       Bing Shen, Ding You
·       Fire from mountain slope

6.   甲戌         乙亥         山頭火

·       Jia Xu, Yi Hai
·       Fire from Volcano

1.   壬子         癸丑         桑柘木

·       Ren Zi, Gui Chou
·       Wood of Mulberry Tree

2.   庚寅         辛卯         松柏木

·       Geng Yin, Xin Mao
·       Pine Wood

3.   戊辰         己巳         大林木

·       Wu Chen, Ji Si
·       Forest Wood

4.   壬午         癸未         楊柳木

·       Ren Wu, Gui Wei
·       Wood of Willow Tree

5.   庚申         辛酉         石榴木

·       Geng Shen, Xin You
·       Wood of a Pomegranate Tree

6.   戊戌         己亥         平地木

·       Wu Xu, Ji Hai
·       Bushes on the Plain

1.   庚子         辛丑         壁上土

·       Geng Zi, Xin Chou
·       Earth on the Wall

2.   戊寅         已卯         城頭土

·       Wu Yin, Ji Mao
·       Fortress/Rampart Earth

3.   丙辰         丁巳         砂中土

·       Bing Chen, Ding Si
·       Earth of a Grave

4.   庚午         辛未         路旁土

·       Geng Wu, Xin Wei
·       Soil at the Roadside

5.   戊申         己酉         大驛土

·       Wu Shen, Ji You
·       Highway/Roadway Earth

6.   丙戌         丁亥         屋上土

·       Bing Xu, Ding Hai
·       Earth from the House

1.   丙子         丁丑         澗下水

·       Bing Zi, Ding Chou
·       Condense Water

2.   甲寅         乙卯         大溪水

·       Jia Yin, Yi Mao
·       Water of a Great Stream

3.   壬辰         癸巳         長流水

·       Ren Chen, Gui Si
·       Water of a Big River

4.   丙午         丁未         天河水

·       Bing Wu, Ding Wei
·       Celestial River

5.   甲申         乙酉         井泉水

·       Jia Shen, Yi You
·       Spring Water

6.   壬戌         癸亥         大海水

·       Ren Xu, Gui Hai
·       Ocean Water