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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time Zone Master.

To get the correct Solar Time.
This is a really good application to get the correct Solar Time for any place in this world for Bazi reading.
It is quite easy to use.
Just a matter of putting in the correct city and time.
It will automatically calculate the exact Solar Time taking into consideration daylight saving.


Unknown said...

new to this 'BIG BOY" feng shui bazi however i thank you in the spirit of sharing , its not yet digestable to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great find. Must give it a shot :)


Unknown said...

I sincerely hope that his new edition gives the system an overhaul, as the system performs rather differently in play ( At least for myself and my group) to how it's described in the core rule book. Basically, the mechanics are quite clunky and slow in actual play but are described as very fast and smooth in the book. feng shui singapore

Unknown said...

After spending 2 years in residency with Charlene, I'd occasionally check her website to see what she's up to and after not seeing much new for the past couple years, I looked harder only to discover this tragedy. feng shui master